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    Welcome  to Philipp Studio Stained Glass, I hope you enjoy my work.  Please take a  tour of the site.  My Studio is  located in Poughkeepsie, New York. 

The designs are from my original artwork. The subject matter comes from photos, books, etc. The designs strive to capture realistic images that you don't normally see in stained glass designs. Keep in mind that the cameras lens does not always capture the true colors and textures of the glass. It's always more beautiful in sunlight.

  I  welcome the opportunity to do a custom design capturing the image of  your  favorite horse or pet or even that horse barn in Stained Glass and don't forget about my vintage cars.                      

Please contact me with any of your questions. As an aside, most of the window art designs are mounted in wood frames but the designs can be adapted to fit into a window by adding stained glass borders.

Gerard Philipp - Philipp Graphics, dba